Terms of Services

Introduction :

Managefy is a platform which oversees the all domain performing system with all ERP solution services with convenient coaction. Managefy is owned by the WebCreatify as it is known for digital marketing, website development and all marketing services to help companies and foundation in their businesses plus provide services in 4 countries- India, Nepal, Thailand and Dubai.

User Agreements :

Availing the services from Managefy means that you are agreeing to the terms and condition of company as given below :

  • Authorization Action :
  • Every Client, user of Managefy has to officially agree for any of the services that the customer has taken from Managefy services. A customer has to clearly finalize the acceptance testing in the granted span of time as per specified by Acceptance criteria, we alert our users by knowing them the status of their acceptance test period by automatically send alerts and notifications program mode of Managefy, encase the client is not aware of their acceptance period because of not gated any alert notice from Managefy side, in that case, the viewed of the customer to be accepted from Managefy services.

  • Intellectual Property:
  • All the composed content on the website except the user’s put-on content is safeguarded by trademarks, copyrights, database rights and by other intellectual property rights. Authority has the rights to terminate the user from the website in case of any breach made by the user under the terms of services of Managefy and in simple terms, the client user id just gets closed and discontinued for our services.

  • Limitation of Liability:
  • There is no liability in this term of services of Managefy for any personal injuries, we are not responsible for any loss of profit, income, contracts, business, except on your liabilities.

  • Payment Policy:
  • Any service of Managefy taken by a client has to pay their payment before the scheduled due date made for that service. In case of late occurred payments by clients, then the managefy has the rights to make the interest amount from that client for the services which have to be taken by clients.

  • Updates:
  • The modified and updated services of the Managefy also makes the changes in terms of services of the website as we have to include our new Managefy services in under the term of services of Managefy and when we make changes in services, we will let our client know about the new terms of services from which our client get alerted for to agree or disagree for our service changes if the customer disagrees with our term of services the client has to simply stop for using our services under the given disclosed notice time

  • Refund Policy:
  • All services of the Managefy are provided on a non-refundable basis so that customers must acknowledge after the official purchase for any of the Managefy services the client will not search out any refund under the term of service of Managefy solution. If the customer user id is terminated for any breach activity performed under the term of service of Managefy in that case our solution will not repay or refund to the customer for all of the payment’s the client has made for Managefy services.