Privacy Policy

  • Last Revised : 8th August, 2020
Privacy Policy :

Managefy Solution discerns that our client Privacy is valuable and Managefy respect about our client’s choices, this Privacy Policy statement describes that how Managefy collect, use and store our client’s data in our websites/database/ server while the client is interacting for Managefy services on the website. This Privacy Policy is applied to all of our clients who have applied for our Managefy services.

  • Why We Collect Our Clients Data:
  • When Client registers or pays for any of the services on Managefy, we can check for the client queries regarding any of our services. There are a number of motives for collecting our client’s data. We store our client data to manage any of the services or admission that our client has with Managefy. We present all up-to-date contents of the Managefy to the client and with the help of stored data, we can manage all of the programs or events for the client have applied and keep you updated for the new programs, events, webinars that the Managefy Solution is providing.

  • Why We Process Client Data :
  • When we provide Managefy service in the purchase by the Client thus we may process for our client data for tracking their activity on the provided platform and which actions or changes are performed on the website/ server/database by our client at what time and by which devices at which location and we can get our client feedbacks and by knowing their response for our services we can make our services more improved and understandable.

  • Why we use client Data :
  • Managefy uses client data in a kind that in which part of the website our client is mostly visiting and what the client prefers at that time on our services and this let us manage or provide access for the purchase of service of the client has applied or requested.

  • Usage of Client Data with Third Parties:
  • Managefy does not share or use client personal data with our business partners, suppliers, advertisers, search engine provider, marketing partners or payment provider without knowing the client decision and permission we cannot use their data for marketing purposes with Third-Party. If any of the client personal data we are sharing with Third-Party then that was done under the lawful source and Third-Party does not have the permission to use or share the client information without getting legal permission for it.

  • Clients Rights for their Personal Data:
  • All Clients of Managefy have the rights to manage their profile and manage their data by accessing, updating, transferring , deleting or by requesting Managefy to delete the data or manage the data on the website/ database/ server. The client has the right to look for how, when and where we are using their data encase client want to restrict for their use of data so that they can ask for it this is the right which is governed by applicable law, and from this, it can appear some effects in client services such as, not getting some of the new updates relatable of some services of Managefy because of restrictions appeared.