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Corporate Management System

For Corporates ERP system becomes necessary to manage all the workflow of Company. Hence following features are provided to ease the Bussiness productivity:

Supply Chain and Inventory

This feature provides the ability to actively monitor your inventory, demand and supply across your entire global supply chain.

Backend Finance & Accounting

Keep track of your purchases, orders and costs, and compare budget scenarios to actual revenue, costs or profit.


Track your opportunities and deals in real time. Get a visual overview of your sales funnel and customize statuses to match your sales process.

Customer Services

Get a 360-degree overview of each customer on one page – including contact details, communication history, projects, files, quotes, and invoices.

Work Management

Manage your team’s workload efficiently. Monitor billable and non-billable hours with ease and see how your team is performing, in real time.

Reporting & Dashboards

Set up custom shareable dashboards for every team in your company for a comprehensive summary of everyone’s goals, targets and KPIs.

School Management System

Our Education Management system powerfully delivering, forming and managing the learning, training and attentive programs.

Student data management

Save their information along with copies of physical documents. Role-based system access ensures you only share the relevant portions of the student files with any staff member.

Admission Process

Provides custom forms and built-in lead management style system. Upload and store all necessary documents in the profile. Upon admission, the same data seamlessly transitions to a new student profile.

Attendance manager

Rapid attendance feature, absence notification to parents, & upload leave applications.

Maintaining Examination

Manage exams & grades with ease. Use CCE, ICSE, CWA or GPA. Instant grade conversions for report submissions to education boards.

Student Academic Assessment

From examinations to assignments to daily classroom participation, manage and track student performance. Use intuitive visuals to identify lacking performance and help students achieve their true potential.

Staff Management

Maintain a detailed employee file, with the ability to create custom data fields. Manage access to student data and other Edumarshal modules via each employees portal. Manage leaves, and more.

E-Commerce Management System

ERP in E-Commerce offers an opportunities to increase the product sales, customer services and expand your commercial. An ERP solutions benefits E-commerce by providing following features:

Sales Consolidation

With our customer retention and conversion tools, you’ll be able to encourage checkouts, reduce friction on your site, and keep customers coming back for more.

Process visibility and management

With more out-of-the-box features, we've taken the complexity out of setting up and managing your store, helping your business save time and money as you grow.


Managefy’s finance and accounting solutions seamlessly couple core accounting functionality with real-time financial visibility and business insights to drive financial excellence.

Improve Customer relationships

With Managey's native customer groups feature, you can target different types of customers with unique messages and offers. You can also leverage customer groups to add a wholesale model to your existing store.

Inventory management

Managefy offers you simple, native tools to manage stock levels and understand order trends over time. Keep inventory on track with seamless integration between online and offline channels.

Shipping or Distribution

By coordinating all of your fulfillment locations and providers, Managefy Order Management keeps distributed order management moving smoothly and quickly.

Inventory Management System

ERP Inventory Management System systematically deals with the production and sales of products by offering following features:

Inventory control

Create sales strategies, manage re-order point, and keep your customers satisfied with Managefy, a complete inventory control system.

Warehouse Management

Manage multiple warehouses, transfer stock between them and generate reports to get better insights about warehouse management, with Managefy.

Multichannel Selling

Manage, control and measure multi-channel selling with the help of a single inventory management application.

Order Management

Manage sales and purchase orders, create packages, and send delivery updates from a single order management system.

Order Fulfillment

Set up an order fulfillment system for your business with Managefy. It helps you to simplify work flow, fulfill orders faster, and gain customer trust.

Insightfull Reports

Analyze different reports to study the sales trend, best performing item and even more with simple yet accurate inventory reporting options.

Restaurant Management System

Restaurants are not only about preparing and serving food to the customer but also it includes many complex twist to manage their restaurants. An ERP provides following features for that:

Manage Purchase Orders and Inventory controls

Manage Purchase Order and Inventory Control allows to manage the records of stocks and also marks the consumption of stocks and generates the reports accordingly.

Order Placement and Customization

Quick entry of new orders linked by table numbers to help ensure all members of a party receive their meals at once with the customized menus.


Customer reservations are placed in Managefy including time, size of the group, and according to the specific table request

Payment Flexibility

Managefy offers faster payment services for customers with a variety of payment methods such as credit card, debit card, cash, UPI, etc.

Recipe Management:

This Feature ensures that all kitchen workers prepare any meal in exactly the same manner ensuring consistency to the customers.

Staff Management:

This provides the best user-friendly and easy to use the platform to manage all information about the staff and helps to analyze the performance of each.

Logistics Management System

ERP Logistics Management System implements the complex set-ups which can crosses the customers wants.

Connecting people & Operations

Connecting employees from the burden of manual processes and unreliable data and grant them access to the right information needed to complete operation more effectively and efficiently.

Material Management

Managefy has a built-in stock management module, which covers most required functionality for business along with this we provide advanced material management module more complex business functionality.

Integrated finance & accounting

Manage and take the record of business accounts and financial transactions and help the customers to solve the finance-related matters.


In-house and out-house transportation offers to track client’s delivery on-time, increases customer services, supply chain, and improves productivity.

Procedure & Purchasing

Take your production planning and scheduling to the next level. Track the utilization of your machinery, manpower, and other process constraints and plan to maximize the production accordingly.

Contract and Project Costing

Managefy Captures all project costs, timesheets, manufacturing processes, and expenses establishes a fast and accurate billing process with Access ERP contract and project costing module.

Tourism Management System

ERP solution for tours and travel companies is a valuable tool to manage all workflow of their organisation. The features are as follows:

Handle Multiple Services

Through our advanced Travel Management Software, From hotel reservation, city tours, and transfers to static and dynamic holiday packages, you can display and sell a whole host of products.

Easy Documentation

Eliminate versioning issues and also help to maintain documents including receipts, purchase orders, itineraries, and vouchers in an organized and systematic manner, with options for users to save, access, email, and print.

Features to Incorporate Business Rules

Enable to update policies associated with your travel business, in particular Cancellation Policy, Payment Policy, General Terms and Conditions.

Integrated Google Map

Help users to get a better understanding of their preferred hotel’s exact location thus aiding them to book a hotel in their favorite spot.

User-friendly CMS

User-friendly CMS which can easily add, amend, or update content as well as contracts.

Automated System Alerts

Besides sending out alert for payment, cancellation, and confirmation of reservations, it also gives alerts in the event of access failures.

Hotel Management System

We provide a cloud-based hospitality property management solution designed to assist hotel managers & owners in managing bookings, correspondence, billing, and more

Easy Inventory Tracking

The system allows setting alerts that would notify users in advance to stock up critical products before they run out or clear the stocks that are about to expire.

Central Reservation System

Managefy complemented dedicated reservation module which can efficiently check and display bookings with information about current and upcoming reservations on its dashboard.

Best Customer Service

It is integrated with CRM (customer relationship management) that attain a well-organized feedback system to personalize the customer experience and improve services to attract more guests.

Reports and Analytics

Managefy provides better visibility into all the key areas of your business that help one to deal with present business challenges and be prepared for the future one with its automatically generated reports based on numerous industry parameters.

Staff Allocation

This system automates HR processes and connects staffs from all departments where Managers can use one single system to make a list of tasks, assign, and track them that will save resources and time

Simplify Order and Payment Process

Manager enables dynamic pricing, allowing businesses to set flexible prices for their hotel rooms or foods served based on past customer visits, location, season, local events, and so on.

Sports Management System

ERP System will allow you quick and efficient updates of Fixtures, Results, News and Articles regarding your tournaments. Manage multiple tournaments across different sports category on-the-go.

Tournament Manager

Create toournaments across different sports categories. Add, edit and share your tournament's Fixtures, Venues, Live Score, Results, Standings, News, Articles and Teams & Players

Document Manager

Enhance your Document Handling process by storing, managing, sharing and retrieving documents across multiple devices in a secure environment.

Financial Manager

Keep track of your tournaments expenses and income statements, get alerts and notifications on timely and interpret the results with in-built infographic tools.

Events Scheduling

Create and Share meetings, games, tournaments and events with your team members and share it to your team members through email notifications.

Online Registration

Automate your administrative works by creating forms for teams, players & audience registration and media accreditation and send alerts and notification via message or email.


Send instant messages to the users, set up automatically generated confirmations and notifications and share MIME file types through our inbuilt communication tools.

Construction Project Management System

Construction is a field of Accuracy as well as proper planning and humans are meant to do mistakes. Hence ERP solution provides following features to ease the workflow of construction:


Managefy procurement module manages your supply chain smoothly from Indent to Delivery. Features like Supplier Evaluation and Quotation Management helps you track all purchase orders efficiently.


Our intelligent land banking solution helps manage all your land purchases and related activities. It encompasses all transaction types like JD, JV and outright purchase and includes many other features.


Use our Liaison module to track all your property, development and project related approvals from a centralized repository. Make and track payments for these approvals and generate useful reports.


Maintain sales stock efficiently in pre-defined categories. Robust Customer Interaction Management allows you to create your own templates for emails and SMS campaigns.


Define your Chart of Accounts (COA) easily and map it to transactions for auto posting. Manage financial approvals for all your key departments and generate critical financial statements.

HR & Payroll

With our integrated HR and Payroll system create and manage detailed employee profiles, create workflow-based leave systems, configure holidays based on your region, create salary structures and much more.

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