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The benefits generated from Managefy can far outweigh the costs of the system, providing that system is selected carefully and is persistent for your company.
Some of benefits recognised are:

1.Managefy is a single integrated system.
2.Improved access to information.
3.Streamlining process and workflows.
4.Track actual costs of activities and perform.
5.Managefy provides solid operational backbone.
6.Provides consolidated picture of sales , inventory ans receivables.

Need to improve the volume of production and fulfillment of orders while reducing costs
By optimizing managefy you may also focus on new business opportunities.

This software may require a considerate amount of investment but every penny that goes behind this is totally worth it. It helps in increasing the productivity of your company as it is doing the major works in a short period. You don’t have to hire extra people for management and data analyzing.

1.Customized to your Business Requirements
2.Everything within your budget
3.Advanced analytics
4.Built in controls
5.User generated.
6.Client Server Architecture Technology

A centralized , amalgamated system provides invaluable benefits to organization seeking to reduce costs, manage, growth, aerodynamic processes and gain a competitive advantage. Common business improvements include:
1. Business process development.
2. Platform for growth and innovation.
3. An increase in productivity and efficiency.

Managefy combines various reports and metrics across different departments into a single system. It helps a business to carry out an organized and systematic process of business management through automation, also makes it Faster to find the report you are after because everything stays at the same place.

General Questions

Our staff will gladly assist you, so do not hesitate to contact us with any question. And if you need more detailed explanations, you can meet with our specialists at your most convenient time.

When it comes to change, pain is a great motivator.Here are five common signs we see from companies ready to consider a new magnefy software system.
1.Decision time has doubled. Time spent looking for information has increased dramatically.
2.working capacity has increased. Too much money is trapped in inventory and non preforming process.
3.Growth and expansion. If your current system can’t scale up, handle global needs, or support new business lines, it’s time to consider a change.
4.Redundant, disconnected software programs. When you need to reduce software complexity.

Data is stored on a cloud based server and its security depends more on us. You can also perform cloud based backup for your important documents. Managefy allows restricting access of individual users , so each department in your company to only the necessary components and its functions. We recommend the following instructions to safeguard your data:

1.Passwords must be known only by authorized for access people.
2.Use a Firewall to protect your network.
3.Frequently backup of your data, especially before harsh changes in the way of work, reset, etc.

Yes, managefy is absolutely safe to use with your account, any data that you choose to enter into the system isn't stored locally, but Instead, stored by a third party cloud hosting service.

When facing any issue with your managefy , you may contact our technical team by visiting our contact us page at the bottom ,or else you may also contact us or mail us through the given email address. on website

Payments Questions

No worries for payment, the payment process starts when our sales team contacts the client, they will give the client a software demo, will know about the client's requirements and as soon as the deal is finalized you can make the payment.

All the most common alternative payment methods are available.
You can pay through debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, direct debit, bank transfers, digital wallets, phone pe, Google pay, Paytm , UPI, net banking, and every possible online payment modes.

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